Future Ready Movement Program
Annual Posture Program for Primary Schools. Teaching children the 
importance of active movement and smart posture by being future ready.
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Children's wellness has never been more important than

right now!   Posture Clinic will EDUCATE children on how to  understand their body, teach them the RESPONSIBILTY of looking after their own body, encourage them to RESPECT themselves, and LISTEN to what their body is saying. 

"It is easier to build strong children than to fix broken adults". 

                                           Frederick Douglass.


Children are not built to sit still, they need motion to engage their whole body. Developing Smart Posture in children as they
grow gives them long-term benefits that will pay off throughout their lifetime.

The programs full circle approach will give the children the knowledge and support to embed those healthy habits.


The A,B,C,D Posture reminders are given by the teachers in class. Together with class posters,  book resources and merchandise.

Dylan aims to become a household name to reinforce the importance of active movement and body awareness in children.

Smart Habits

Through Education, Fun, and Repetition-  Children are taught the importance of good movement and Smart Postural habits.  Children are taught how to respect their bodies, how to be responsible and why they need to listen to their bodies.  Working closely with schools, parents and teachers, Posture Clinic will introduce, develop and reinforce smart postural movements, creating lasting change in Children’s self-awareness and quality of life.


When we use activities that make learning engaging and fun, students are more willing to participate and help students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable. Dylan the Dinosaur teaches kids healthy habits with catchphrases and takes them on a scavenger hunt in the community.

Suitable for all primary school students
The program owes its success to its integrated approach working with teachers, students, and their parents/carers. Together with reinforcement techniques and community-based activities, this program gets students engaged
Future Ready & Posture Smart! 
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“"The Future Ready program that Joanne has run in our school has been really beneficial for students, their families and teachers. The clear messages reminding us all to think about our posture when we are carrying things such as a backpack, using a digital device, or even sitting and standing, have been fun and memorable. Joanne has an easy to deliver program that doesn't add to a busy teacher's day, yet the messages are able to be reinforced."

Sue Cattell -Principle Milford Junior School

“As a teacher, I have been aware of the changing posture of students in my care for some time. With time spent working at desks in a classroom setting, coupled with the growing amount of time students spend on devices at home, children’s backs appear more curved with shoulders more rounded as students focus on the activities in their laps.  

Dylan the dinosaur has been the perfect catalyst to have discussions around the importance of posture and exercise and the children are now more aware of the way that they are sitting and moving. Since the program started, we are working together to develop new habits and are taking regular breaks where we get up and move more frequently. 
 I highly recommend this resource for both the schools and homes.” 
M Dixon - Primary Teacher

“All children need to learn the essential life skills of movement and posture. That’s why, as a parent, I’m relieved they are taught in an engaging and practical way by an experienced physiotherapist, Joanne, and Dylan the Dinosaur. I believe their program is a great early intervention to reduce many physical well-being problems in the future.” 
Dr Sarah Bell-Booth - Parent