Annual Posture Program for Primary Schools

Teaching children the importance of active movement and smart posture by being future ready.
Why & How

The Future Ready Movement Program has been developed primarily to educate children but most importantly to reinforce the benefits of regular movement and smart postures into everyday movement whether they are sitting, standing, or even playing on the playground or sports field.


Why reinforce this?  Surely once children know what to do, they will do it?  Yes, in an ideal world but through my experience as a Physiotherapist I often see adults who struggle to incorporate regular activity and good habits into their daily life, with limited understanding of the benefits.


I project that if regular movement is reinforced with many encounters then these smart habits will follow through into teenage years and the workplace and will prevent future postural related injuries and decreased health conditions. 


The Dinosaur

with Smart Posture

Dylan is a friendly brachiosaurus dinosaur who loves to play with the baby birds in the trees and watch the sunset on the horizon.  He understands that to be able to do this, he has to look after his body.  Dylan shows children in a fun and interactive way how to carry their backpack correctly, sit at a desk to write, use devices in the best way and teach them the importance of exercise and using their body with smart movements every day.


Book Preview

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  • BSc Hons Physiotherapy MPNZ

  • Bsc Hons Sport and Exercise Science

  • Sports & Oncology Massage Diploma

Joanne Hornsby has been working as a physiotherapist since 2003. First in England where she successful set up her first practice before relocating to New Zealand in 2010. Joanne’s current practice Physio4all has locations based on the North Shore of Auckland in Takapuna and Browns Bay.

In the modern world we live in, Joanne has seen firsthand the implications of long hours behind the computer, less physical activities, and the impact of the use of digital devices. This created a passion and desire to prevent injuries rather than treating them.

Joanne’s  vision is to educate and engage children with an understanding of how to move well and in turn highlight the importance of creating healthy habits for future gain.

Joanne feels passionate about this program and is dedicated to ensuring all Junior School Children are given the opportunity to be EDUCATED about the responsibility of why and how they need to look after their health and bodies.  


"Children aren’t designed to sit still! Sitting for long periods is harmful. Our bodies need regular exercise and movement to remain healthy”. 


Joanne Hornsby