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Health Practioner's agree that a different and more preventative approach has to be taken towards employees healthcare.  Posture Clinic will help you reconnect to your body, through simple, fun and engaging ways.  You will be able to make smart choices which can be easily incorporated into your daily life, enabling you to

sit less, sleep more, move more and stress less.




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Musculoskeletal complaints have a high prevalence in our society, and are a major reason for absenteeism in the work place. A healthy worker is more likely to be motivated, productive, have higher energy levels and a more positive attitude.

Many of the common musculoskeletal complaints plaguing employees can be prevented by correcting any deficiencies in the work environment and by taking a closer look at employee’s postures and work habits.



During Posture Clinic's workshops, employees will learn the ways to improve their health and reduce pain by correcting posture through a user experience that is relevant, inclusive and engaging.

These talks will stimulate, educate and create an intelligent posture environment that is smart for the body.  Existing workstations can become a more activity-friendly work environment.

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Workplace Productivity.

By starting conversations within workplaces around the importance of Smart Posture in an overall health regimen, this can reflect a strong culture of care by the company for the employee and an awareness of the physical and mental stressors employees face in their daily lives.

Posture Clinic can educate and engage people with an understanding of how to move well and understand the importance of posture as this is often a neglected factor in overall physical, mental and social health.


By improving wellbeing- we enhance the health of the employee, organisation, and community by reducing health care costs, and improving employee engagement and morale.  We help prevent work-related injuries and improve employee performance.

The aims are for employees to positively change their awareness of their body, by promoting increased activity levels, reduced sedentary time, improved sleep, fewer aches and pains and an increased awareness of stress signals. 

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