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"It is easier to build strong children than to fix broken adults". 

                                           Frederick Douglass.

Children's wellness has never been more important than right now!   Posture Clinic will EDUCATE children on how to  understand their body, teach them the RESPONSIBILTY of looking after their own body, encourage them to RESPECT themselves, and LISTEN to what their body is saying. 



Children are not built to sit still, they need motion to engage their whole body. Developing Smart Posture as Children grow has long-term benefits that will pay off throughout their lifetime.

Smart Posture should be a conscious task and should be used whenever sitting, standing, or walking. 



Through Education, Fun and Repetition-  Children are taught the importance of good movement and Smart Postural habits.  Children are taught how to respect their bodies, how to be responsible and why they need listen to their bodies.  Working closely with schools, parents and teachers, Posture Clinic will introduce, develop and reinforce smart postural movements, creating lasting changes in Children’s self awareness and quality of life.


Our Experts will visit the School and provide an interactive, fun and educational 30-minute presentation to all School Children. 


A separate 30 minute seminar is taught to the teachers and parents on the importance of postural awareness and movement.  Attendees will be taught how each and everyone of us have a role to play in the importance and understanding of our Children’s development, both physically and mentally. 


Each term Posture Clinic will present a posture workshop to the teachers on a variety of posture related topics.  Worksheets will be produced for teachers to educate their Children.  This will enable reinforcement and consistency with teaching up to date body and posture awareness.

​The Education Package is a per-student priced bundle created by Posture Clinic.

This includes the initial meetings, setup and running of the below:

  • 30 Minute Seminar for Parents & Teachers.

  • 30 Minute Presentation to each Year Group.

  • 4 x 30 Minute Teachers Seminar (1 per term) with associated Educational material to be taught to the classes.

  • Supply of branded materials – stickers and posters.

  • Informational Support.

 Course Layout
The Book -  An Intro to...Dylan!

Dylan is a friendly Brachiosaurus Dinosaur who loves to play with the baby birds in the trees and watch the sun set on the horizon.  He understands that to be able to do this he has to look after his long neck.  Dylan shows children how to carry their back packs correctly, sit properly and use electronic devices in the best way. 

By using phrases like, “Stand tall- don’t be small”, “Don’t slouch like a sack,” “Chin up, device to eyes,” this story delivers a fun and engaging way for young children to think about their bodies. The acronym A-B-C-D, is a clever way for children to remember looking after their bodies and  keep moving!

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