Annual Posture Program for Primary Schools

Teaching children the importance of active movement and smart posture by being future ready.
Workshops for Corporates

The purpose of Posture Clinic is to:

  • Educate and engage employees with an understanding of how to move well.

  • Improve the health of the employee, and organisation by reducing health care costs.

  • Improve employee engagement and morale.

  • Increase employee performance. 

  • Prevent work-related injuries.

Workshops for Education
  • Fun and Engaging Workshops specifically designed for Young Children.

  • Creating lasting changes in Children’s self awareness and quality of life.

  • Mentoring for Parents and Teachers to reinforce in classrooms or at home.

  • Meet “Dylan the Dinosaur” with Smart Posture.

Public Speaking
Products & Merchandise
Dylan Suit Final smaller.png
  • Public speaking is offered for all types of events.

  • An ideal addition to get staff together on a lunch time or a team building event.

  • Branded materials for your workplace or school

  • Triggers and reminders for Employees, or Children.



  • BSc Hons Physiotherapy MPNZ

  • Bsc Hons Sport and Exercise Science

  • Sports & Oncology Massage Diploma

My name is Joanne Hornsby and I am the owner of Physio4all. Originally from Northern England, I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with an honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science in 1999. After successfully building up my own Sports Massage clinic, I later graduated from Bradford University in 2003 with an honours degree in physiotherapy.

My interest in the last 15 years has developed from working with complex musculoskeletal injuries, to developing a passion in preventing injuries rather than treating them.


My Journey

Through my experience I have developed the ability to reduce patient’s pain and get them moving again by being able to clinically differentiate which abnormalities to work with and how to evaluate their contribution to a symptom or possible future symptom.

Patient habits, which are nearly always at the root of many injuries has led me to re- evaluate and assess my practice.

It is becoming apparent in today’s society that people do not take RESPONSIBILITY for them self and are often looking for a quick fix to decrease their pain and return them to function.

My vision is to educate and engage people with an understanding of how to move well, and understand the importance of posture by being smart and future ready.

"Insanity - Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

- Albert Einstein